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With the widest selection of Roland V-Drums and V-Drums Acoustic Design kits in central London, we’ll help you find the right set—wherever you’re at in your drumming journey.

Experience V-Drums Acoustic Design in person

Test drive the flagship V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD706—the ultimate fusion of acoustic and electronic drums. A drum kit like this should be experienced in person, so drop into the store and feel the difference today.

Harness the power of your smartphone

Discover how to connect your smartphone to unlock the power of Bluetooth wireless audio and MIDI. Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone to your V-Drums module while you play along—It’s just like being in your favourite band.

Explore the exciting world of hybrid drums

Adding electronic drums to your acoustic kit is simple with our extensive range of hybrid drum products and sample pads. With a wide array of options instore, we’ll explain how to enhance your existing acoustic drum set up, with truly remarkable results.

New to drums? 

It’s easier to get started with electronic drums. Once your V-Drums kit is set up you can start playing and then explore a variety of different kits and sounds, all without needing to get up from the drum stool. If you’ve always wanted to play drums, there’s no better place to begin.

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Book your free, no obligation, 1-2-1 demonstration with a V-Drums Product Specialist – at a convenient time for you. You can change your booking at any time.


Conveniently compact and ideal for drumming at home, the TD-07KV V-Drums kit delivers the superior expression and playability of high-end V-Drums in an affordable package. Roland’s original ultra-quiet, double-ply mesh heads feature across the snare and tom pads, while large crash and ride pads and a dedicated kick pad with realistic, satisfying pedal feel round out the kit.